Healthy Mouth Is Equal To A Healthy Heart

Good oral hygiene is not only needed for healthy teeth but more importantly for healthy gums.
If the gums are not in good health the longevity of the teeth will be compromised as well. Gum health has also been linked with heart disease.

Many studies have shown that the patients with established gum disease are more at risk of developing heart disease and even stroke. The main reason is that the bacteria present in gum disease is the same as one found in increased numbers in the heart in case of the person diagnosed of any cardiovascular disorder. Hence, it becomes very important not to neglect one’s oral health. Maintaining good oral hygiene not only includes brushing and flossing but also regular check up and cleans to keep everything under control.

Not many people would know that they have established gum disease. In very early stages when the disease is only limited to gums it is very much reversible by following oral hygiene routine. On the other hand, once it reaches advanced stage and starts to include the bone then the bone loss, which had already occurred, is very much irreversible. This is the main reason why some people notice increasing gaps in their teeth and also teeth drifting and moving.

So, it is highly recommended to get regular check up and cleans as well as religiously following good oral hygiene routine at home. It is best to get hold of the problem on time rather than when it gets too late.