Why Can’t I Get Rid Of The Tartar Myself At Home?

Tartar, or calculus, is a mixture of saliva and plaque or food particles. It attaches to your teeth, mostly around the gums. Because of its mineral make-up, tartar can’t be removed by simple brushing and flossing. It requires a professional clean by a dentist. We recommend having a check-up and professional clean done every six months.

Why Do I Need A Crown When My Tooth Can Have A Filling?

Crowns are recommended for teeth with large fillings. White or Silver fillings break down and wear over a short period of time, and cause more damage to your tooth in the long run as each time a filling is replaced, more tooth structure is removed. Crowns are a superior option for the stability and longevity of the tooth. They can last many years and will actually cost you less over that period of time than to keep having a filling replaced!

How Often Should You Come In For A Check-Up?

It is recommended that you come in for a check-up every 6 months, as well as having a professional clean and fluoride application done at the same time. This enables us to assess any cavities or any other abnormalities that may have come up during that period. It doesn’t take long for a cavity to turn into a root canal or extraction – prevention is definitely better than cure!

I Have Very Sensitive Teeth When Breathing In Or Drinking Cold Drinks. What Should I Do?

Sensitivity can be caused by a number of things, the most important being tooth decay. When bacteria eats into the second layer of a tooth, the tooth can become very sensitive to even slight cold. Sensitivity can also result from gums shrinking and exposing more surface area of a tooth. Sensitive toothpaste can provide relief, but it is best to have a check-up to assess and find the cause of your sensitivity. This will help us apply the right treatment for you.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Your private health rebates will be processed on the spot using HICAPS.

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme patients will be Bulk Billed and processed immediately. Currently, the scheme provides cover of $1000 for two years. Payment plans are available for individuals to cater for their comprehensive dental needs. For full terms and conditions or to find out more, please contact Sundown Family Dental on (07) 4061 6208.

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